Everyday is the Fourth of July at Boomland! Visit Boomland in Charleston and Benton any day of the year and you'll find the largest selection of fireworks and firecrackers in the world! We are a wholesale fireworks distributor and all our customers enjoy the benefit of wholesale pricing.

Choose from fountains, candle wheels, rockets, bottle rockets, sound shells, sparklers and many more colorful selections and assortments. Celebrate all year round with fireworks from Boomland in Charleston and Benton! Though not available online, you'll find our selection and price will make it worth your drive to Boomland in Southeast Missouri!

*Fireworks not available at Ozark location*

*Fireworks cannot be sold online due to shipping issues*

Fireworks are sold at our Benton & Charleston location 365 days a year!

Benton hours: 5 am - 11 pm

Charleston hours: 6 am - 12 midnight

Fireworks sold all year; however, for the ultimate shopping experience visit our 60,000 square ft showroom from June 17th through July 5th.  As always, all showrooms are air conditioned. 




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Reeves Boomland Inc.
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Reeves Boomland Inc.
13114 State Highway 25
Dexter, MO